High School Summer School 2020 (online @ home)

Registration for the High School Summer School 2020 (online @ home) is now closed.


Semester A: May 26th-June 10th                  Semester B: June 11th-June 26th

Get Ahead and/or Credit Recovery:

Sahuarita Unified School District #30 is offering two semesters, two and half-week semester courses, online at home. This is not SUSD’s normal practice for summer school; however, we are offering this in order to move forward in serving our students that need/seek to complete credits during the summer. Students may earn up to one credit by participating in both semesters. 

Class Offerings:

  • Spanish I and II
  • Algebra I and II 
  • Geometry
  • Economics 
  • American Gov
  • English I, II, III, and IV
  • Integrated Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • World History 
  • U.S. History
  • P.E. (the CPR graduation requirement class will not be covered in this course)

Semesters matching semesters:

Because courses are being taken online, this allows students to take courses in different semesters. The following are some examples

If your student wants to complete a full year of World History. You would register for World History A, in semester A and World History B, in semester B. 

If your student needs to complete Algebra I B and Biology B. You would register for Algebra I B, in semester A and Biology B, in semester B.   

Fees & Payment Information: 

  • Tuition: $150.00 per semester
  • Late Fee: Additional $50.00 if registration is received after May 15th, 2020
  • Grades will not be released until the balance is paid in full.  
  • An email will be sent to parents on how to make payment in PowerSchool after registration has been received.  

Grading for Online Courses:

Grading will be based on a whole number grade. There will be no rounding up of grades to the next letter grade for example (79% will be the final grade of a C and will not be adjusted to a B). Students have the choice during each semester to retake assessments during the class in order to attain a higher score.   

A teacher of record for online courses will be present online to help keep students on track for completion. Parents will be notified if a student is not making satisfactory progress. Contact will be made by email and/or phone. Students must stay on task for their target completion date and must complete the course in its entirety by the end of each semester. 

For more information, contact Mr. Joe Defazio at [email protected]