BinaxNOW Consent

The BinaxNOW test is utilized (depending on availability) in the school setting to test students and staff who present with COVID-like symptoms at school.

Benefits of taking the BinaxNOW test at school 

  • Convenient access to COVID19 rapid tests and written documentation of results
  • Potentially prevent extended periods of time out of school for mildly symptomatic sick students who receive a negative result (see a healthy return to school)
  • Prevent healthy siblings of a sick student (negative for COVID) from being sent home to quarantine
  • Keep the school environment safe for learning by minimizing the risk of spread


Students experiencing symptom(s) from the list of common signs/symptoms of COVID19 warrants further evaluation and assessment. If health office staff determine that a BinaxNOW is indicated, they will verify a consent form has been completed and the parent will be contacted before the  BinaxNOW test is administered. 

Depending on symptomatology, a sick student who tests NEGATIVE for COVID19 may still need to go home until symptoms resolve. Healthy siblings of symptomatic students who test NEGATIVE for COVID19 will be permitted to remain in school. If a sick student is sent home,  they must remain home until:

  • Fever free (100.0) for 24 hours w/o the use of fever-reducing medication
  • Vomiting and diarrhea free for 24 hours w/o of vomiting/diarrhea suppressing medication
  • and all other symptoms have improved.

Sick students who do not test or test POSITIVE for COVID19 will need to quarantine at home, along with siblings. The student and siblings will be excluded from the classroom setting until they can be picked up to quarantine. 


BinaxNOW Frequently Asked Questions


Select your child’s school below to complete the BinaxNOW consent form. A form will need to be completed for each child. Parents will be contacted prior to the BinaxNOW test being administered. If a parent cannot be reached, the BinaxNOW test WILL NOT be administered. 

Anza Trail Copper View Early Childhood Center


Sahuarita High School Sahuarita Intermediate School


Sahuarita Middle School Sahuarita Primary School


Sopori Walden Grove High School


Wrightson Ridge