Reconnect with SUSD

Information relevant to families seeking to transition from a home education program, charter school, or private school to a school within Sahuarita Unified School District can be found on this page. We look forward to reconnecting with you and your child.  

Parents/guardians will need to complete the online registration for New Students to begin the enrollment process. New student registration for the upcoming school year typically opens in January. New student registration for the current school year is open until the end of the current school year.

Once the online registration has been completed, the school registrar will process the registration and reach out to the family for any additional information that may be needed.

Grade Level Placement
Grade level placement is based upon the student’s age, previously completed coursework, and appropriateness of placement. Parents/guardians will work with the school to determine the appropriate placement for the child.
Awarding of Credits
Documents Needed
Students with IEPs/504s
Q) What happens if we re-enroll in SUSD30 and our child/ren had an IEP/504 prior to leaving the district?
A) If a student left the district with a current IEP, comparable services (to those outlined on the most recent IEP document) will be provided upon re-enrollment and the IEP team will swiftly be convened to determine appropriate supports and services and to update the IEP (which may have expired since leaving SUSD).  The only exception to this would be if Special Education eligibility was formally dismissed while the student was not enrolled in SUSD.  
If a student left the district with a current 504 plan, the 504 team will be convened (upon enrollment) to determine continued eligibility and to update the 504 Plan (as indicated).