FAQs for Wrightson Ridge Families

Updated: Aug 3rd, 2020

I am so confused with distance learning vs online learning vs in-person learning.

This school year you have two options for educating your child in the Sahuarita Unified School District. The first option is online learning. Online learning is the term used to refer to when you have registered for the Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy that is completely online, no matter the condition of the state. The second option is In-Person learning. You most likely already registered for in-person learning in the Spring. However, Aug 10-14th in-person students will attend school in a distance learning format, meaning their lessons could be on a computer/online or in a packet format. In-person students are scheduled, as of right now, to physically return to school on Aug 17th but could change based on the guidelines that will be released on Aug 7th by the State. Parents do not need to register or sign up for distance learning. More info will be shared as it becomes available.

I can’t log into PowerSchool. I need my child’s login credentials.

All PowerSchool Login information have been printed and can be picked up when you come to pick up your child’s curriculum throughout the week of Aug 3rd- Aug 7th.

When do I pick up my child’s curriculum? What am I picking up?

Times Aug 3 Aug 4 Aug 5 Aug 6 Aug 7
7:00-8:30 am 1st Grade
8-1 pm
2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
5:00- 6:30 pm 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade


What if I can’t come during my child’s scheduled time or I have multiple children?

If you can’t make the drive-through time, come on the next available day. If you have multiple children, pick one day to collect all items. 

What if I signed up for Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy? When and where do I pick up my child’s curriculum?

Please follow the schedule posted in the previous question. SDPA needs to pick up the curriculum that was ordered for the child before SDPA was an option. And they also need to pick up curriculum specific to their teacher from SDPA on Thursday at the district office. Please see this website for the most up to date information. https://susd30.us/2020/07/27/curriculum-distribution-schedules-august-3-7-2020/

I need to change my MS child’s schedule. How can I do that?

Please email Dr. Costa. Her email is [email protected]

I need a Chromebook. How can I sign up for one?

Please note that we have a VERY LIMITED supply of Chromebooks. Please email Mr. Wadsworth to get on the waiting list. His email is [email protected]

I registered for SDPA but want to switch my child back to WRS.

Email Latasha Pannell and SDPA with your request. [email protected] and [email protected] 

I want to switch my student to SDPA

Please note that there is a 300 student waiting list to get into SDPA but you can be added to the waitlist by emailing [email protected].


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