Mission Vision SUSD

The Sahuarita Unified School District serves residents of approximately 606 square miles in Pima County.  Located just south of Tucson, the school district serves more than 6,300 students in preschool through 12th grade.

Sahuarita Unified School District has four elementary schools, two K-8 schools, one middle school, two high schools, an alternative secondary school, one fully online school, and an early childhood center.  In addition, a variety of on-site community programs are available before/after school and during summer break.

Sahuarita is home to a premier school district and is ranked #1 in Education, Health and Safety by WalletHub. 
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The first school in Sahuarita was established in 1896.

The location of Sahuarita Elementary School was located just east of the Sahuarita cotton camp. In 1957, 40 acres of land were purchased to build a new elementary school. The new Sahuarita Elementary School opened in 1959.

Sahuarita was an elementary district until 1958 when voters approved the formation of a high school district. It wasn’t until 1964 that a high school was an actual need for the area. In 1966 the construction was completed on the new high school and the school opened its doors to 142 students.

With a steady increase in population during the 1960s, it was determined that there was a need for a new junior high in Sahuarita and a new elementary school at the Arrivaca Junction (Sopori). In 1970, Sopori Elementary School opened its doors to 200 students.

The two prefab buildings that had comprised the old Sopori school were relocated to the Sahuarita campus and remodeled to be the District Administration building. In 1971, Sahuarita Junior High opened. The building had a student capacity of 400 and comprised of 8 classrooms surrounding a learning resource center, home economics rooms, and an art/craft room.


  • 1948 Twin Buttes School District No. 21- expansion to 108 sq. miles
  • 1950 Unorganized territory in Helvetia- expansion to 187 sq. miles
  • 1953 Sierrita School District 75 and other land parcels- expansion to 286 sq. miles
  • 1959 Southern two-thirds of the San Xavier Papago Reservation- expansion to 361 sq. miles
  • 1966 land deannexed to Vail/ Sunnyside- reduction to 343 sq. miles
  • 1967 Sopori School District No. 49- expansion to 626 sq. miles
  • 1970 “Mexican Corridor” south of Arrivaca deannexed- education to 607 sq. miles


  • 1966 Sahuarita Elementary School Pacemaker Award for the State of Arizona

School Environment

Safe Campuses – The District is committed to creating safe and orderly learning environments that are drug, weapon, and violence-free.

Strong School Environments – The District is committed to creating school environments that support the physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional well-being of students, including athletics, fine arts, and afterschool programs.

Organizational Culture – The District is committed to creating a culture that is orderly, friendly, and conducive to learning.

Instructional Excellence

Highly Qualified Staff – The District is committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified staff and providing opportunities for professional growth and development.

Instruction – The District is committed to providing highly effective instruction using effective methodology, professional development, and program frameworks that are best practices, goal-oriented, individualized, and data-driven.

Curriculum & Assessment

Curriculum – The District is committed to maintaining an instructional program that is standards aligned, articulated, and individualized in focus.

Student Accountability – The District expects academic growth on an annual basis.

School & Community Relations

Communication – The District is committed to providing exemplary communication through regular publications, use of technology, timely follow-up, and formal structures that advance this outcome.

Community Outreach – The District is committed to developing and maintaining strong community, family, business, educational, media, and governmental linkages.

Customer Loyalty – The District is committed to serving students, families, and the community in a manner that results in this organization being regarded and trusted to provide the best educational services.


Finances – The District is committed to demonstrating effective and efficient utilization of financial resources. The District will continue to make appropriate and responsible budgetary decisions.