Highly Qualified Teacher and Paraprofessional Notification:
As a parent or guardian, you can request information concerning the professional qualification of your child’s teacher(s). You may request any of the following information, at a minimum:

NameContactLocationGrade levelSubject
Bassan, Lizeika[email protected]SMSAdmin Assistant
Beachy, Robert[email protected]SMSAssistant Principal
Correll, Isabel[email protected]SMSAttendance Clerk
Doty, Michelle[email protected]SMSLibrary Tech
Ebner, Bruce[email protected]SMSACE
Eskew, Cathy[email protected]SMSComputer Lab Tech
Farmer, Jamie[email protected]SMSVolunteer Coordinator
Gilvin, Tonya[email protected]SMSProject Inspire
Gloy, Patty[email protected]SMSLeadership / ACE
Haas, John[email protected]SMSCounselor
Ledesma, Bailey[email protected]SMSHealth Assistant
Lewis, Darlene[email protected]SMSPrevention Specialist
McDowell, Jennifer[email protected]SMSCampus Monitor
Parsons, Cecilia[email protected]SMSAdmin Assistant
Reese, Alex[email protected]SMSCampus Monitor
Silman, Stephanie[email protected]SMSPrincipal
Brown, Courtney[email protected]SMS6Math
Evans, Heather[email protected]SMS6Social Studies
Harrel, Glenna[email protected]SMS6 Language Arts
Matthews, Tanaya[email protected]SMS6Science
Ratey, Nathaniel[email protected]SMS6Language Arts
Stroup, Rebeca[email protected]SMS6Social Studies
Telles, Sylvia[email protected]SMS6Math / Math Support
Trebes, Stacie[email protected]SMS6Science
Balland, Ciara[email protected]SMS6 & 8Science
Gillin, John[email protected]SMS6 & 8Social Studies
Mauldin, Lara[email protected]SMS6 & 8Algebra / Pre-Algebra
Anders, Jim[email protected]SMS6 - 8Weights / PE / AD
Brown, Tracy[email protected]SMS6 - 8Art
Carlisle, Kerry[email protected]SMS6 - 8Language Arts Dev.
England, Jessica[email protected]SMS6 - 8Band / Orchestra
Figueroa, Roberto[email protected]SMS6 - 8Spanish
Hatfield, Laura[email protected]SMS6 - 8Math Dev./ Math Support
Holland, Melissa[email protected]SMS6 - 8Title I Reading Specialist
Kettles, Lisa[email protected]SMS6 - 8ELD
McCarthy, Patrick[email protected]SMS6 - 8PE
Robey, Jenna[email protected]SMS6 - 8Art
Sullivan, Beth[email protected]SMS6 - 8Language Arts
Campbell, Summer[email protected]SMS7Social Studies
Campbell, Kim[email protected]SMS7Social Studies
Coffey, Darian[email protected]SMS7Math
Fairbanks, Wendy[email protected]SMS7Science
Hensley, Brian[email protected]SMS7Language Arts
McKay, Nicole[email protected]SMS7Science
Rieman, Caitlin[email protected]SMS7Math / Math Support
Snyder, Laura[email protected]SMS7Language Arts
Bentley, Ryan[email protected]SMS8Social Studies
Kutina, Matt[email protected]SMS8Pre-Algebra
McCarthy, Veronica[email protected]SMS8Language Arts
McPeak, Sharon[email protected]SMS8Language Arts
Terhune, Gail[email protected]SMS8Science / Forensics