Early Childhood Center

  • We recognize and accept each child as a unique individual, with his/her own potential for growth and development.
  • We embrace and celebrate every child’s cultural differences, striving to instill acceptance and a positive attitude towards self and others.
  • We believe that children learn best through active learning. This is accomplished through the use of hands-on learning centers; small and large group activities, exploring the natural world around them.
  • We believe the family is the primary component in the child’s life with the center being a supportive component and partner with the family.

Sahuarita Primary School

At SPS, our mission is to develop all students into becoming life-long, self-directed learners, problem solvers, and effective communicators. We are committed to developing students into goal-setters and quality producers. Our children will be well equipped with collaborative working skills and value becoming contributors to their community.

Sahuarita Intermediate School

Learning for all…whatever it takes!

Sahuarita Middle School

We are a school committed to excellence, striving everyday to create a rich learning environment that meets the 21st century academic rigor required of young adults while providing the social and emotional support needed by young adolescent students. Our middle school staff excels in differentiated instruction to meet your child’s individual educational needs and we make it a number one priority to foster personal excellence in each student.

Copper View Elementary School


Our school expectations are for the students to put their best efforts forward and follow our Positive Intervention Support (PBIS) program of BARK:

  • Be Present and on time
  • Act Responsibly
  • Respectfully
  • Keep Safe

Sopori Elementary School

Sopori Elementary School will provide the highest quality education for all students to reach their maximum potential by incorporating daily use of life skills, brain compatible learning in a stimulating, non-threatening environment, and developing multi-intelligences through collaboration, choices, and meaningful content.

Anza Trail School

Here at Anza Trail, an A rated school, we “Reach for Excellence Within” by providing the highest quality education for all students. Allowing students to reach maximum potential while using all available resources in a safe learning environment.

Sahuarita High School

We Are SHS! Success Through High Standards, Expectations and Support. Horsepower! Choose Your Pathway!

Walden Grove High School

Providing a safe, positive learning environment through the foundation of all facets of quality education. Students will exhibit pride, honor, and respect to become valuable members of a global society.