Mascot: Blaze the Bobcat

Colors: Royal blue and gold

School Moto:  “I will Reach for the Excellence Within Me!”

School Rules: 

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Follow all Directions

Our mission is to develop all students into becoming life-long, self-directed learners, problem solvers, and effective communicators. We are committed to developing students into goal-setters and quality producers. Our children will be well equipped with collaborative working skills and value becoming contributors to their community.

Classroom Expectations

• A warm and welcoming classroom environment
• Classroom rules, rewards, & consequences posted
• Daily essential questions & student friendly objectives posted
• SIS Rules posted — Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Follow all Directions
• Vocabulary Word Wall Display
• Student work displayed, updated monthly
• Constitution poster and US Flag displayed
• Greet your students at the door
• Be present & on time to school, scheduled meetings, and duties