Highly Qualified Teacher and Paraprofessional Notification:
As a parent or guardian, you can request information concerning the professional qualification of your child’s teacher(s). You may request any of the following information, at a minimum:

  • Whether your child’s teacher meets Arizona teacher qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade level or subject area which the teacher teaches;
  • Whether your child’s teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status from the State Department of Education;
  • The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher. Whether paraprofessionals (teacher aides) provide any services to your student, and you may request information on the qualifications of those individuals.
  • If you would like to request professional qualifications information, please contact me at  [email protected] or 625-3502 ext 2000, Shelly Lizardi, Principal.
NameContactLocationGrade levelSubject
Allred, Stephanie[email protected]WRSPrincipal's Secretary
Arias Jr., Wilfrido[email protected]WRSAssistant Principal
Benitez, Elizabeth[email protected]WRSSpeech
Engstrom, Crystal[email protected]WRSAdmin Assistant
Herrera, Keila[email protected]WRSSpanish
Lewis, Krystal[email protected]WRSReading Specialist
Lizardi, Rachelle[email protected]WRSPrincipal
Mora, Sara[email protected]WRS CTE
Myhre, Angela[email protected]WRSTechnology Assistant
Pannell, Latasha[email protected]WRSAttendance Clerk
Patrone, Nerissa[email protected]WRSCounselor
Ruesch, Shelly[email protected]WRSExtended Resource
Wadsworth, David[email protected]WRSACE
Collins, Kelsey[email protected]WRS1
DeFazio, Brittany[email protected]WRS1
Fisher, Jaymee[email protected]WRS1
Mcgraw, Mary[email protected]WRS1
Doughty, Michael[email protected]WRS1 - 3Special Education
Anderson, Melissa[email protected]WRS2
Carrillo, Carly[email protected]WRS2
Fullerton, Ann[email protected]WRS3
Gilbride, Manuela[email protected]WRS3
Miranda, Renee[email protected]WRS3
Hedin, Janis[email protected]WRS3 - 5Music
Sturzenegger, Jennifer[email protected]WRS3 - 8ELL
Charles, Anong[email protected]WRS4
Navarrete, Veronica[email protected]WRS4
Schauer-Johnson, Holly[email protected]WRS4
Holz, Shannon[email protected]WRS5
Johnson, Adam[email protected]WRS5
Joling, Scott[email protected]WRS5
Barfield, Jill[email protected]WRS6Social Studies
Harrel, Glenna[email protected]WRS6 Language Arts
Coelho, Christopher[email protected]WRS6 - 7Math
Passet, Jo[email protected]WRS6 - 7Language Arts
Carle-Ogren, Rusty[email protected]WRS6 - 8Band
Carlisle, Kerry[email protected]WRS6 - 8Language Arts
Costa, Gabriela[email protected]WRS6 - 8Counselor
Farnsworth, Nancy[email protected]WRS6 - 8Special Education
Oravec, Rebecca[email protected]WRS6 - 8Art
Vasquez, Paul[email protected]WRS6 - 8PE
Rumba, Heather[email protected]WRS7Social Studies
Trebes, Stacie[email protected]WRS7Science
Hensley, Brian[email protected]WRS7 - 8Language Arts
Thibodeaux, Reagan[email protected]WRS7 - 8Math Support
Hills, Karen[email protected]WRS8Social Studies
Telles, Marissa[email protected]WRS8Science
Fernandez, Cassandra[email protected]WRSK
Grant, Misty[email protected]WRSK
Lorenzana, Carla[email protected]WRSK
Serrano, Liliana[email protected]WRSK
Adams, Kimberly[email protected]WRSK - 2ELL
Garcia, Laura[email protected]WRSK - 5Technology Assistant
Gilbert, Jeffrey[email protected]WRSK - 5PE
Lucas, Nicole[email protected]WRSK - 5Music
Rodriguez, Megan[email protected]WRSK, 4-5Special Education