Textbook Adoption Public Review

The public is invited to review reading supplemental resource materials for grades K-8 that have been proposed for use in Sahuarita Unified School District (SUSD). In accordance with ARS 15-721 and 15-722(B), new textbooks must be placed on display for a period of 60 days prior to official adoption by the Governing Board.

Review in Person

The reading supplemental resource materials will be on public display from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., February 27th – June 1st, 2020, at the following location:

SUSD Administration Building
350 W. Sahuarita Rd.
Sahuarita, AZ 86529

Additional public displays will take place on March 11, April 22, and May 13 from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. at the following location:

SUSD Auditorium
350 W. Sahuarita Rd. 
Sahuarita, AZ 86529

Review Online

The option to view sample lessons online is available. 

More samples are available at https://www.curriculumassociates.com/products/ready/reading-ela

Textbook Review Form 2020

  • Textbook and instructional materials reviewed:
      Curriculum Associates Elementary and Middle School Reading Supplemental Resources Copyright Date: 2014-2016
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