Flyer Posting Requirements

Required process to display, post, or stack information/materials in or on school district property. (As prescribed by Sahuarita Unified School District Policy K-2300 KHC: Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials – Adopted March 11, 2020)

1) Please read carefully all of the conditions and stipulations on the request form. The main stipulations are as follows:

a. No profit-based literature soliciting or promoting participation in events is allowed.

Any charges for the instruction/activities will be based on and not exceed the cost of providing the instruction/activities.

b. A disclaimer is required on all materials.

"This event is neither sanctioned nor sponsored by the Sahuarita School District. It is provided as a community service."

c. All approved materials must be provided by the requesting organization.

d. Fliers and other materials will be distributed for students to take home on Thursdays only.

2) Submit the completed and signed request form, along with a copy of the materials you wish to have displayed, posted, or stacked to the District Administration Office. You may leave these items at any school site’s front office and they will be forwarded to the District Administration Office.

3) The Superintendent or the Assistant Superintendent of Schools will review the materials and request form.

4) Once the items have been reviewed, you will be notified of the outcome either by phone, fax, or email. DO NOT PRE-COPY. Once approved, it will be signed or stamped with the official approval. We highly recommend that you not mass produce copies until the original flyer has been stamped by the district.

5) If approved, you will need to package your materials in the following manner and deliver them to each site, with the official stamp or signature on each flyer.

a. Sopori: 7 packets / 22 each
b. Sahuarita Primary School: 16 packets / 27 each
c. Sahuarita Intermediate School: 18 packets / 32 each
d. Sahuarita Middle school: 23 packets / 33 each
e. Anza Trail: 57 packets / 35 each
f. Copper View Elementary School: 23 packets / 28 each
g. Wrightson Ridge School: 35 packets / 33 each
h. Sahuarita High School/Walden Grove High School: 1 copy (posting only)

Request Form