SUSD 2020

 SUSD 2020
Plan of Excellence 




Working as a team to help every student succeed. 


Safe and Supportive Environments 

  • Clean, Safe, Physical Plants and Resources 
  • School Culture 
  • Comprehensive Operational Plans, Procedures, and Routines 

21st Century College and Career Readiness 

  • Individualized Instruction 
  • Effective Instructional Practice 
  • Strong Instructional Program 

Highly Qualified Faculty and Staff 

  • Proactive and Ongoing Outreach to Identify Qualified Professionals 
  • Invest in Continuous Development and Opportunity 
  • Recognize Excellence 

Home, School, Community Partnerships 

  • Strategic Partnership 
  • Communication 

Valid Accountability for All 

  • Highly Performing Schools 
  • Valid Use of Analytics to Drive Meaningful Decision Making 
  • Systematic Focus on Quality 

Personalized Experience for Every Student 

  • Individualized Approach to Instruction 
  • Providing Multi-model Opportunities to Achieve Student Success 
  • Individualized Programs