2016 Bond/ Override

Letter to the Community

THE 2016 Override
Proposition 451


prop 451

The passage of Proposition 451, a Capital Override, would provide the district $1 million each year for the next 7 years. 


THE 2016 Bond
Proposition 452



The passage of Proposition 452 would result in a $25 million bond for a new K-8 school as well as new classrooms on the main campus (by replacing old portable buildings on the main campus.)


See the Summary of the May 2016 Community Survey to determine the level of public support for proposed elements of a 2015 bond initiative for the district.

Bond Publications

2016 Bond/Override Presentation

Voter Information Pamphlet


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a school bond?

What is an override?

What are capital improvements?

What challenges led to the calling of the 2016 Bond/ Override Election?

How was the amount of the Bond/Override Election determined?

What is the proposed duration of the property tax used to repay the bond? 20 years, 30 years, 7 years?

How far into the future will this bond program support the district?

How does the bond program affect me if I do not have children in school?

What will happen if voters do not approve the bond package?

When was Sahuarita USD’s last bond election? Override election?

What can we do to help the bond and override pass for our school?

Can bond funds be used to hire more teachers or improve teacher salaries?

Does the district pay for short-term assets (such as technology and buses) over a 30-year period of time?

If voters approve the bond referendum, is the entire amount issued all at once?

Does Sahuarita USD use competitive bids for construction projects?

Will Sahuarita USD be able to sell its bonds at a favorable rate?

Is there a limit to how much debt the district can take on?

What are the parts of the district tax rate and how are they used?

Has the tax increase from the 2009 bond election been reduced?

If the bond is approved, what is the process of purchasing land?

If Sahuarita USD builds a new school, where would it be located?

If the bond package is approved, when will it take effect and construc­­­­tion start? When is the new school projected to open if the bond passes?

What students will go to the new school?

What is the capacity of the new school?

I want my kid to go to the newest, best school. How can I enroll him/reserve him/her a place? If not, how and when are you determining who is going to attend the newest, best, school?

Is the $$ for equipping the new school included in the $25m bond? If not, what is the proposed source of funding for equipment, furnishings, furniture, instructional materials, etc. for the new school? Does the capital override provide funding for these items and if so, what happens if the bond passes and the override do not?

Will the 1 million dollar bond make up for the 85% loss that the district received?

Marana just built an elementary for 18 million and so will 20 million be enough for the K-8 including sports fields, etc. Are they included in the budget or is it going to be like Anza where the sports fields are provided by the parks and recreation?