Program Overview

The Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy is excited to offer your child the opportunity to learn, grow, and meet their educational goals from the comfort and safety of your home. Our Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy teachers are prepared to offer your child a structured digital learning experience utilizing approved curriculum, consistent platforms, and continual communication. 

Virtual and online learning are very different from the traditional classroom but also share some similarities. Students who are working at home still have a daily schedule that needs to be followed, coursework to complete, daily attendance, and communication required between home and school. Digital learning affords for physical distancing, greater customization to the home learning environment, movement breaks, snacking while working, and the ability to have immediate parent support throughout the day.

Parents play a key role in digital learning and will need to be actively engaged in their child’s school day. Parents will serve as their child’s learning coach and will take on the role of documenting daily attendance, helping to redirect their child’s attention to their online lessons, answering their child’s questions, and serving as tech support for any needs as they arise.

Virtual Classroom vs. Online Learning

Kindergarten through 5th grade students will participate in a Virtual Classroom with a live Virtual Classroom Teacher, parent support (Learning Coach), and assigned offline extension activities.

6th through 12th grade students will participate in Online Instruction via Edgenuity’s online courseware with the support from a team of Online Learning Facilitators, parent (Learning Coach), virtual tutoring sessions, and regular goal-setting meetings. Please reference the SDPA Student Handbook.

Is digital learning appropriate for my child?

Digital learning is a great opportunity for many students, however, it might not be the best fit for all students or families. Deciding to switch from in-person learning to a digital format is a personal decision that should be approached with thought, evaluation, and care. Families who select the virtual instruction model for their child will commit to remaining enrolled in Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy for the entire semester.

Please utilize the following statements to help begin your family’s discussion to determine if online learning is right for you. 

  • My child has access to a reliable internet connection and a working device to access the digital learning environment.
  • My child has a designated workspace within our home to complete their daily learning tasks.
  • My child is willing to share their thoughts and experiences in an online environment via video conference, email, and/or classroom message boards with my support as needed. 
  • My child is self-disciplined and well-motivated to complete the online courses with my support.
  • My child is willing to seek help with academic and technology issues.
  • My child is willing to follow the online learning schedule with my support.

Technical Requirements

Students in grades K-5 will need to be able to access the i-Ready online diagnostic and learning program with their home device. 

Please ensure that your child’s device meets these i-Ready system requirements.  https://cdn.i-ready.com/instruction/content/system-check/iReady_System_Requirements.pdf

You may also check the configuration of your device via i-Ready’s System Configuration Check website: https://cdn.i-ready.com/systemcheck/

Students in grades 6-12 will need to be able to access the Edgenuity online learning curriculum with their home device. 

Please ensure that your child’s device meets these Edgenuity system requirements. https://www.edgenuity.com/techsupportdocs/Edgenuity_MinimumSystemRequirements.pdf