Tips for Parent Learning Coaches

    • Prepare your child for a successful school day by ensuring that they are awake, fed, and ready to learn by their designated start time. 
    • Provide your child with an optimal learning environment free of distractions and with designated space to focus on their schoolwork. 
    • Depending on grade level and individual child needs, be available for questions, tech support, and redirection throughout the school day. At the beginning of the year, younger children will require more Parent Learning Coach support. As students become used to programs and procedures, they will be able to gain more independence, but may still need a parent nearby for assistance and support. 
    • Complete your attendance log each day to ensure accuracy. Turn in logs on their designated days.
    • Communicate with your child’s teachers on a regular basis. If you or your child are struggling, please be sure to reach out to your child’s teachers right away.
    • Share your child’s successes with our team! We want to celebrate your child as they reach their learning milestones.