Highly Qualified Teacher and Paraprofessional Notification:
As a parent or guardian, you can request information concerning the professional qualification of your child’s teacher(s). You may request any of the following information, at a minimum:

  • Whether your child’s teacher meets Arizona teacher qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade level or subject area which the teacher teaches;
  • Whether your child’s teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status from the State Department of Education;
  • The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher. Whether paraprofessionals (teacher aides) provide any services to your student, and you may request information on the qualifications of those individuals.
  • If you would like to request professional qualifications information, please contact me at  [email protected] or 625-3502 ext 1200, Clarisa Nido, Principal.
NameContactLocationGrade levelSubject
Barry, Dan[email protected]SISPE
Boyter, Mary Jo[email protected]SISPD Coordinator
Cawthorn, Daniela[email protected]SISComputer Lab Tech
Christensen, Malynda[email protected]SISCampus Monitor
De La Rosa, Alma[email protected]SISCampus Monitor
Garcia, Frances[email protected]SISAttendance Clerk
Harcourt, Kevin[email protected]SISPD Coordinator
Harris, Laurel[email protected]SISSpeech
Lara, Claudia[email protected]SISAdmin Assistant
Law, Christine[email protected]SISCounselor
Nastase, Lora[email protected]SISVolunteer Coordinator
Nido, Clarisa[email protected]SISPrincipal
Pack, Danielle[email protected]SIS Reading Specialist
Reyes, Melissa[email protected]SISHealth Assistant
Steely, Sandra[email protected]SISLibrarian
Weaver, Kathryn[email protected]SISProject Inspire
DiMiceli, Rachel[email protected]SIS3
Lawson, Lisa[email protected]SIS3
Wagner, Marcy[email protected]SIS3
Wolbeck, Brooke[email protected]SIS3
Aizaz, Bisma[email protected]SIS4
Barton, Michele[email protected]SIS4
Billings, Nikki[email protected]SIS4
Leachet, Amanda[email protected]SIS4
Sainz, Luis[email protected]SIS4
Weissmann, Joel[email protected]SIS4
Atwell, Kim[email protected]SIS5
Drew, Stephanie[email protected]SIS5
Faulk, Christopher[email protected]SIS5
Morrison, Laura[email protected]SIS5