2021-2022 COVID Dashboard

Any individuals who are believed to have been in close or direct contact with a confirmed positive case will be contacted directly so that they may take appropriate preventive health measures which may include isolation/quarantine per Pima County Health Department guidelines. If you have not been directly contacted, then you or your child are not part of the defined group with possible “close contact.”

The District is bound by FERPA, HIPPA, and ADA regulations regarding specific health information. 

Active Cases is defined as an individual who participated in on-campus activities within 48 hours of a positive result for active COVID19 infection and is currently in 10-day isolation. 

Transmission is defined as an individual who tested positive for an active COVID19 infection as a result of direct contact with an individual on campus who was positive for COVID19. 

Resolved is defined as an “active” individual who has completed 10-Day isolation. The active case is moved from the “Active” count to the “Resolved” count.

Location Active Cases Transmission Resolved Cases Classroom Quarantine
ATS 0 18 196 0
CVES 0 0 74 0
ECC 0 0 23 0
SHS 3 21 219 0
SIS 1 8 62 0
SMS 0 8 105 0
SPS 0 6 44 0
SOP 0 0 9 0
WGHS 0 13 215 0
WRS 0 2 93 0
Other-Multiple Campuses 0 0 4 0

Last updated 03.07.2022

*data reflects numbers since in-person learning began for the 2021-2022 school year.