Family Resources SY 21-22

Resources for Families in the New School Year
We hope you’ll share these resources with the families in your school community to support them in the new school year. See more parent & family resources on our SY21-22 webpage.
Help low-income families receive their Advance Child Tax Credit payments
The IRS is reaching out to America’s school districts to ask to help spread the word on the 2021 Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit, which could be to up to $1,800 per qualifying child.
These payments are made automatically to taxpayers who qualified on their 2020 tax returns — which means outreach efforts are needed for low and no-income families who may not be required to file tax returns but could still qualify to get this payments if they have qualifying children.
Information for Families
The IRS has a tool that can not only ensure families receive their Advance Payments, but also help them receive missed Economic Impact Payments (EIP).  This could amount to over $14,000 for a family-in-need of 2 adults and 2 children. The resources can be shared to help families get on-track for receiving these critical benefits.
For additional information and assistance, please contact Lisa Novack, [email protected]
Be a Learning Hero
Be a Learning Hero has developed a new Arizona webpage for families to help jumpstart their student’s future. This includes a school Readiness Check to help assess a student’s reading and math skills.
Kindergarten Readiness
First Things First has a set of resources for families supporting their young learners!