2017 Boundary Realignment

In an effort to ensure that school populations are well balanced to best utilize space in its schools, the Sahuarita USD has formed a Boundary Advisory Committee to examine the realignment of attendance boundaries. The work of the Boundary Advisory Committee will begin in September 2017 and will continue in the 2017-2018 school year. It is expected that the Boundary Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Governing Board in January 2018, for implementation in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Members of the Boundary Advisory Committee include parents, teachers, and administrators.
Scott Downs (Assistant Superintendent)
Mike Fielser (Director of Transportation)
Darlene Robinson (Principal)
Julie Agraz (Parent)SUSD school boundary map
Mary McGraw (Teacher)
Tania Bailey (Parent)
Jan Bryson (Teacher)
Clarisa Nido (Principal)
Kim Silveria (Parent)
Debrah Harby (Parent)
Jessica Grimm (Volunteer Coordinator)
Lora Natase (Parent)
Nate Ratey (Teacher)
Ramona Calixtro (Parent)

Guiding Principles

  1. Move as few students as possible out of existing schools
  2. Minimize bus travel
  3. Equally, alleviate overcrowding at all schools
  4. Maintain a sense of community within schools/ neighborhoods
  5. Anticipate future impacts
  6. Ensure demographically diverse schools

Meeting Highlights 

November 28, 2017

  • Review of boundary feedback
  • Discussion on pros and cons for the rebalance of school populations
  • Moving forward with discussions on potential recommendations

November 8, 2017

  • Review of boundary feedback from community
  • Boundary change to Sopori is no longer under consideration for recommendation
  • Next steps- review potential boundary changes to other areas

October 2017

  • General proposals for boundaries
  • Rebalance of school populations
  • Next steps- analyze transportation routes

September 2017

  • Established guiding principles
  • Reviewed new construction projections for Sahuarita
  • Reviewed enrollment numbers by section




Public forum presentation Image




Concepts for consideration

Map 1 New School Boundary (Conceptual ONLY)
683 students current (potential growth to 853)
Serves grades K-8
Estimated 3-4 teachers per grade level
Estimated class sizes of 20-24

NOTE: Potential boundary change to Sopori would increase enrollment by an estimated 76 students
Boundary Committee is not recommending to move forward with the boundary change to Sopori.
Boundary map new school rancho abrego area struck

Map 2 Rebalance School Populations (Conceptual ONLY)
Students in Sahuarita Heights/Highlands would attend Main Campus
A potential move of 235 in grades k-8 and would potentially affect 120 in grades 9-11 this year
Estimated K-5 class size is 21-26 at Main Campus
Anza Trail would potentially gain 5-6 classroom spaces
Estimated K-5 class size 21-27 at Anza Trail

Sahuarita Heights boundary map

Map 3 Rebalance School Populations (Conceptual Only)
Students in Presidio Del Cielo would attend Main Campus
A potential move of 211 in grades K-8 and 75 in grades 9-12
Estimate K-5 class size is 20-25 at Main Campus
Anza Trail would  potentially gain 5-6 classroom spaces
Estimates K-5 class size is 22-28 at Anza Trail

Presidio Del Reilo boundary map

Future conceptual boundary maps to come. Check back often. 

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