Talk to Your Teen About Vaping

Be equipped with facts. Research vaping online from credible sources. Remain familiar with vape devices, what’s being vaped and the risks associated.

Have conversations. Opportunities to discuss vaping can present themselves in many ways: letters from the school, advertisements, seeing it on TV, walking by someone vaping or passing a vape shop. Be ready to listen rather than lecture. Try using an open-ended question like “What do you think about vaping?” to get the conversation going.

Convey your expectations. Express your understanding of the risks along with why you don’t want your child vaping. If you choose to set consequences, be sure to follow through while reinforcing healthier choices.

Be a good role model. Set a positive example by being vape and tobacco-free. If you do vape, keep your equipment and supplies secured.


QUIT VAPING TEXT PROGRAM Text  QUIT  to 202-804-9884

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For more facts on vaping, download the Partnership for Drug-Free-Kids complete guide.