Health Education Curriculum

In accordance with HB 2035 and State Board of Education A.C.C. R7-2-303, Sahuarita Unified School District offers supplemental/elective instruction of reproductive health and sex education to students in grades 5th-12th.

Parent Notification:

All parents are notified prior to the presentation of human growth and development, in 5th grade, and sex education in grades 6th-12th.  A parent letter is sent home inviting parents to an opportunity to preview the curriculum materials (online and in person) and provide written consent to their child’s teacher prior to the beginning of instruction.


5th Grade- Human Growth and Development Curriculum

The district utilizes the program “Always Changing” for 5th-grade students to teach human growth and development. Instruction provides students with an understanding of the physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty. It also provides instruction on hygiene. It is offered to schools for free nationally and is designed specifically for 5th-grade students. Parental permission is required prior to participating in the lessons.  

5th Grade Teacher Guide

5th Grade Teacher Presentation

6th-8th Grade Choosing the BEST Curriculum

“Choosing the Best”, a state-approved evidence-based risk avoidance and relationship curriculum presented by Arizona Youth Partnership is utilized in Sahuarita Unified School District at the middle school level. Parental permission is required prior to participating in the lessons.  

Choosing the Best WAY
Grade 6. Created for lower middle school students, this six-lesson curriculum gives students age-appropriate insight into what’s happening to their changing bodies and emotions, explores healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and teaches delaying sex as the best WAY.

Choosing the Best PATH
Grade 7. This eight-lesson curriculum captivates middle school students. Assertiveness training engages students in learning how to say “NO” to at-risk sexual activity and “YES” to healthy relationships and sexual delay.

Choosing the Best LIFE
Grade 8. Developed for upper middle school students, this eight-lesson curriculum covers critical topics such as preventing sexual violence and understanding consent. This high-impact program engages the heart as well as the head, teaching students that sexual delay is the best choice for a healthy LIFE.

9th-12th Grade

The curriculum for 9th-12th grade students is currently under review. It is anticipated that following Governing Board Policy IJJ a proposed curriculum will be presented to the public for review and comment for 60 days prior to the SUSD Governing Board vote. 

Any adopted reproductive health and sex education curriculum will require parental consent prior to students participating in the lessons.