Why is screening for COVID-19 so important?

1. Screening is the only way we can find and quarantine people without symptoms before they spread the virus to others. Individuals with COVID-19 can be infectious for 2- 3 days before they show symptoms. These individuals are presymptomatic. In addition, up to 50% of children and 20% of adults infected with COVID-19 never show any symptoms at all – they’re asymptomatic. 

2. Screening in the schools is a way to prevent disease spread in the community. By screening at the school, we are also providing sentinel screening for each family who sends an individual into the school. Any COVID-19 cases we are able to find and isolate are cases that will not be able to spread further in the community. 

Will COVID-19 screening be mandatory?
No, testing is voluntary. However, the more participants testing the more effective the program will be in preventing the spread in the schools and the community. 
How often will screening happen?
Screening will occur once a week beginning April 19, 2021 and ending May 14, 2021. 
What kind of test will be used for screening?
The test is a PCR test, the most sensitive kind of COVID test. The test uses shallow nasal swabs.
How quickly will we get back the results?
Results will be available in 24-48 hours. Individuals who test positive will be contacted by the school.
Should my child test if they have symptoms of illness?
Individuals who are experiencing 1 or more symptoms of illness may not come to school.

Free community testing IS available at the Walgreens located on S. Nogales Highway and Continental Road in Green Valley. All staff and students can register for on-demand testing if they or someone in their household is sick or has been exposed to COVID. Register for a test: