ICATT COVID19 Testing Basic Steps

Step 1 Enrollment

  1. 1. Parents sign an electronic consent form. Students without a consent form will not be tested.
  2. 2. Consent forms only need to be filled out once. 

Step 2 Sample Collection

  1. 1. Testing will occur weekly on a specific day of the week for each school site. 
  2. 2. Trained ICATT staff will administer or assist with the nasal swab for students in grades K-1st grade.
  3. 3. A trained ICATT observer oversees the self-collection process for students in grades 2nd-12th.
    1. A. The observer calls one person at a time to go to the Swabbing Station for them to self-swab. 
    2. B. Participants perform a simple, shallow nose swab in each nostril.
  4. anterior nasal swab
    1. C. Then deposit the nose swab, tip down, into a pre-labeled collection bag. 

Step 3 Results

  1. 1. Results can be expected in approximately 24-48 hours from the day of the test. 
  2. 2.The school contacts parents of students with POSITIVE results. If you have not been personally contacted, then your child’s result was negative. 
  3. 3. Parents will be able to access their child’s individual test results soon. Please check back for the link to the ICATT Results website. 
  4. 4. Please follow the Course of Action in the Event of a Positive COVID-19 Case