Rules & Expectations

Be On TimeBe SafeBe ResponsibleBe Respectful

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program

We have implemented a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program. It is a school wide plan which promotes positive behaviors from all students and staff. Students are expected to contribute to a positive climate on campus by treating school property, other students, and all adults with respect and by demonstrating positive citizenship.

Student Recognition Programs

There are several student recognition programs in place at Sahuarita Primary School to recognize and honor students that uphold the expected standards of behavior, academics, citizenship, or leadership. These programs include:

  • OWL of the Month & Most Improved OWL of the Month: Each teacher chooses two students each month from his/her classes. These students receive a certificate and are publically recognized at our monthly assemblies.
  • OWL All-Star Awards: Faculty or staff members issue “OWL All-Star” awards to students that they “catch” following school rules: Be On Time, Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.
  • Leaders in Character: Each month each school administration selects one student to be recognized by the SUSD Governing Board as a Leader in Character at the Governing Board meeting. These students receive a plaque, a bookstore gift certificate, and have their pictures printed in the local newspaper.


Classroom Discipline: Each classroom is a small community where teamwork and good relationships are expected. We will spend time learning class procedures and practicing them. Each student is expected to act within our standards of behavior. In each classroom there will be a classroom management plan. The teacher will send information on the classroom expectations. We always listen to every child and make every situation a learning experience.
If a child continues to take away from another child’s right to learn, they may be removed from the classroom for a timeout.

School wide Discipline: Our goal is to encourage, prompt, and teach children to become independent in making choices and managing their own behavior. SPS staff members value the dignity of all persons and work to build and maintain the dignity of each student through all interactions. Our approach to discipline is positive. We respect the right of students to make choices and to experience logical consequences.

The following infractions may result in possible loss of privileges, verbal warning, redirection, parent phone call, out of school suspensions, long terms suspensions or expulsion:

  • Insubordination: This occurs when a student fails to comply with a reasonable request of a staff member. It also includes dishonesty, disrespect or vulgar, profane, or rude remarks to teachers, fellow students, principals, or other school employees.
  • Property Destruction: Applies to property belonging to a staff member, another student, or school property, including vandalism and graffiti. (Does not apply to property of students that are prohibited on campus).
  • Possession and/or Concealment of Weapons or Dangerous Devices: Setting of firecrackers, misuse of fire extinguisher, mace, brass knuckles, knives, guns, etc.
  • Physical or Verbal Abuse or Threat of Harm to a school employee or student.
  • Sexual Misconduct/Harassment to a school employee or student.
  • Fighting/Physical Assault:
    Many times students un-intentionally hurt other students in the course of physical activity or play. 
Per the administration’s discretion, if any student knowingly caused harm to another student, the student will at minimum, be suspended from school for an appropriate amount of time.

Transportation Expectations

We realize that on certain days, emergencies or unforeseen circumstances arise and other arrangements must be made for the students to go home. We understand these changes, but ask that changes be kept to a minimum. Any other changes must be in writing and given to the teacher and/or front office at the beginning of the day (i.e. doctor’s appointments, etc). This information is then given to the front office to ensure accuracy.

NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED to change departure information. Only emergencies will be approved through the school principal. Please call the front office at EXT. 1100 in the event of an emergency.

Our goal in Transportation Services is to provide a safe and comfortable ride to and from school for all students. This requires teamwork and shared understanding of basic operating norms. In order to accomplish these goals, Sahuarita School District has established the following procedures and routines on all District buses and at District designated bus stops as applicable as part of the
SUSD Student Transportation Services Compact for Success.

  1. Students will remain seated on the school bus.
  2. Students will face forward when on the bus.
  3. Students will keep their hands, feet, and personal objects to themselves.
  4. Students will maintain a quiet conversation voice (level 2) and use appropriate language.
  5. Students will obey reasonable direction from the bus driver at all times.
  6. For safety and cleanliness reasons, eating/drinking on the bus other than an enclosed water bottle shall be prohibited.
  7. Students will have their District issued identification card with them and visible when boarding the bus (Grades 6-12).
  8. No balloons, skate boards, knives, or glass items of any kind for the exception of eye glasses allowed on the bus.
  9. No food or drink allowed on the bus.

Students will be acknowledged for their cooperative efforts in multiple ways that may include:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Timely departures/arrivals—Teamwork Works!
  • Positive notes
  • Parent calls

Infractions of bus rules are serious concerns, as student safety is our top priority. In order to establish a positive and safe environment, the following sequence of consequences will be in place when a student chooses to violate the above-mentioned procedures and routines.

1st offense – Will be a student conference with site administrator and bus warning letter.

2nd offense – Three (3) day suspension from the bus.

3rd offense -Two (2) week suspension from the bus.

4th offense – Suspension for remainder of the school year.

PLEASE NOTE: The District reserves the right to invoke a severe clause and immediately refer the student to administration if appropriate (i.e. belligerent defiance, acts of violence).

In the interest of student safety, consistency, and effective operations, our policy at the District is that we will drop off students at the designated stop as identified by the child’s parent/guardian.

It is asked that you please designate one bus stop where you would like for our professional bus drivers to deliver your child each afternoon after school. Students may ride only one bus.

**Kindergarten students must be met by an adult at the bus stop. If no adult is present, students will be transported back to school.

Thanks for your cooperation and support in these matters. Our transportation mission is to provide excellent and safe transportation services to each student we serve.