Arriving at School

Since staff does not arrive prior to 7:00am and no supervision exists, students must not be dropped off before 7:00am. Students who ride the bus are dropped off at the loading/unloading area north of the school and those coming in a vehicle are dropped off in front of the school and are supervised as they make their way to their specified playground or breakfast room.

Parents who choose to drive their children to school should drop off their children in the front of the school on the east side along the circular curb between 7:00 and 7:30am. Please park in the west parking lot if you choose to walk your child onto the school grounds.

If you need to get out of the car, for any reason, we ask that you do not park in the curb area. This curb space is limited to drop-off only and parking curbside will impede the flow of traffic.

Students arriving to school after 7:30 should proceed immediately to the office with a parent, after parking in a designated parking location, and obtain a tardy slip, before heading to their classroom.

Due to new security fencing, the front gates (located off of the east parking lot and student drop off zone) will be locked from 7:40am-7:00am. The gates will only be unlocked from 7:00-7:40am for student drop off.

Reporting an Absence

When a student is absent, a parent/guardian must notify the school attendance office by phone no later than 8:30am and leave a message at 625-3502 ext. 1101. *Absence without a doctor’s note is considered unexcused. If a call is not made by the parent/guardian, the attendance office may call the home to verify the absence for the day.

The parent/guardian must also provide written documentation explaining the student’s absence on the day the student returns to school. This will be placed in the student’s file.

It is very important that your child comes to school everyday. We are learning new concepts everyday and children that miss a lot of school fall behind. Coming to school regularly will set the precedence for your child’s future education.

Upon the 9th absence in a semester the student’s attendance may be reported to the Police Dept and Pima County Truancy Department, per previous warning letters sent home. Students that miss too much school also run a high risk of being retained in the same grade.

Absences shall not be counted against a student for the purpose of:

  • The student’s participation in a school related activity.
  • Recognized religious holidays that require the student not to attend school.
  • Suspension from school.
  • Absence due solely to illness, accident, or disease, when a student’s absence is verified by a certified health professional.
  • Court appearance or appointment.

Arriving Late to School

School starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 2:00 PM. Any Child arriving after 7:30 or leaving before 2:00 must be signed in at the office by a parent and/or guardian. Tardiness is a disturbance to the classroom and affects student learning.

Excessive tardiness excused or not, will be directed to the principal for intervention. Being tardy will affect a student’s attendance record.

Reminder: Any students and/or visitors arriving after 7:40am must park in the West parking lot to gain access to school grounds.

Pick-Up Procedures -During School

Due to the number of students, and with safety in mind, ALL INDIVIDUALS may be required to show a picture ID when checking out students. Adults other than parents must be listed by name on the child’s registration form or be written on a note sent in that morning. No person will be allowed to pick up a student without the written authorization of a parent.

Pick-Up Procedures -After School (GYM)

Students who are not riding the bus home will be supervised in our GYM until a parent arrives. Due to the number of students, and with safety in mind, all individuals may be required to show a picture ID when checking out students. All students must be picked up between 2:05 and 2:15, or they will be brought into the front office. Individuals will then have to come in the office to pick up the student.

  • If your child is in the L.I.N.K. program they will be walked to the campus by L.I.N.K. personnel.
  • YMCA and Children Learning Adventure students are picked up in the GYM and bused by YMCA/CLA employees.

ONLY previously designated adults will be able to check out students.

If permanent pick-up or bus arrangements change, the office must receive a written note from you, sent in with your child that morning. These must be approved by the Principal. NO phone calls are accepted.

Parents who need to pick up their child prior to dismissal time for a health care appt. are required to sign out their child in the office. Please try to schedule appointments after school hours as much as possible to prevent loss of academic time in the classroom. If no note was sent in, parents must meet with the principal for approval. The principal will approve an emergency situation that might arise. The office will then call the student from his/her classroom to the office. Parents are not allowed to get their child directly from the classroom.