Dress Code

At SPS, we are committed to preparing our students for the future. This preparation includes academics, social, and job skills. The classroom is the student’s “workplace”; we expect them to dress accordingly. The following dress code is a district requirement for all K-8 students.



  • Must be plain/solid white, gray, tan, red, light or navy blue. SPS OWL t-shirts can be worn.
  • Must have sleeves and a collar.
  • Preferably plain without logos or insignias.
  • Must not be any longer than fingertips or it must be tucked in. Must be shorter than shorts or skirts.
  • Shirts worn under dress code shirt must follow the dress code colors.


  • Must be plain/solid white, gray, tan, or navy blue.
  • Pants and jeans must be fitted, no baggies.
  • Must have hemmed bottoms.
  • All leggings and tights must follow dress code color.

Shorts and Skirts:

  • Must be plain/solid white, gray, tan, or navy blue.
  • They must fit correctly at the waist.
  • Must be no shorter than the tip of the thumb for shorts and the tip of the fingertips for skirts or dresses.
  • Must have hemmed bottom (no cut-offs or torn cuffs).


  • No opened backed shoes or flip-flops. (No shoes with pop out rollers are allowed on campus. Wheels will be confiscated by administration and will be returned to parents if a student is caught rolling on sidewalks or hallways.)
  • No platforms or heels higher than 1″ on shoes.


  • May not be worn inside.

Dress Code Violations

Students out of dress code are sent to the health office.
1st Offense
: A warning note will be sent home with the student and/or a phone call home.
2nd Offense: Parents will be called to bring additional clothing and/or a reminder note will go home with your child.
3rd Offense: May result in a lunch detention. If student is out of dress code numerous times it may result in further disciplinary action.

*All dress code violations are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity with our students.

NOTE: We STRONGLY suggest on your child’s PE day that athletic shoes are worn.