ATS Report an Absence

Regular Attendance Is Essential For Learning

Regular attendance is critical to your child’s education. Disruptions to your child’s school attendance can have a significant impact on his or her academic performance.

Under Governing Board Policy JH absences shall be excused only for the following:

  • Illness, bereavement, other family emergencies, and observance of major religious holidays of the family’s faith.
  • The student’s participation in a school-related activity.
  • The student is suspended for misconduct.

When  Absent  from  School

When a student is absent, a parent should notify the school as soon as possible. For absences greater than one (1) day in length, the school should be notified each day of the absence.

When a student returns to school following any absence, a note of explanation from the parent is required.  This documentation must be submitted within five (5) school days of return to school. All absences not verified by parental or administrative authorization will remain unexcused.

After ten cumulative absences, written medical documentation from a health care professional licensed under A.R.S. Title 32, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 17, may be required to excuse the absences.

If an absence is unavoidable please complete the form below. Required fields are marked with an (*).  You may be contacted by the school office for updates or additional information.

Report an Absence