WRS Athletics

Sports Season Schedule:
Season 1: Football, Volleyball, Cheer, & Cross Country
Season 2: Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Soccer, & Cheer
Season 3: Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Soccer, Wrestling, & Cheer
Season 4: Boys & Girls Track & Field, Baseball, & Softball

Sports Forms:

To participate in Wrightson Ridge Athletics an annual sports physical must be on file in the school nurse’s office AND an emergency form must be completed & given to the school nurse. Student-Athletes ARE NOT permitted to play unless BOTH documents are complete & on file.

For more information, please contact our school nurse, Mrs. Tangee Craig at x2005.

Participation Fees:

There is a $25 sports participation fee per sport, per student-athlete. We accept cash, check, or money orders. All payments will be handled by Ms. Shalana LeBlanc, please contact her at ext. 2004 with any questions. Scholarships are available if a student cannot afford the fee. Please submit a letter requesting a scholarship to either principal, Mrs. Lizardi or Mr. Arias.


  • A student-athlete must maintain a C average with no D’s or F’s on an eligibility check. Please see the WRS Student-Athlete Code of Conduct for detailed information.
  • Students cannot have any more than TWO referrals and/or ONE suspension during each sport season.
  • A student-athlete must be in attendance by 11:30 a.m. each day in order to practice or to participate in a game.

Other Stipulations:

  • Students who are absent or suspended (in or out of school), may not participate or attend practice or a game on the day of the absence/suspension.
  • A student-athlete will be ineligible to participate in the next sport season if they quit a team after the first game of the season. Exceptions to this would be due to medical reasons or academic reasons not related to eligibility checks.


Students will be provided a locker for us during the sports season. They are responsible for safeguarding their clothes & personal belongings with their own combination padlocks. Students must provide their locker # & padlock combo to their coach. If a student cannot recall their combo & the padlock must be cut off by WRS staff, then they will be charged a $5 lock cut fee & must procure a new lock for themselves.

Please direct all sports-related questions or concerns to the WRS Athletic Director, Jeff Gilbert, at 625-3502 x2022 or [email protected]