Welcome to the SMS Library!

Ms. Beverley Smith – Library Tech
Ext. 1471
Hours: 7:30-3:00, M-F

Students are welcome to come to the library before school, at lunchtime, or with their language arts and R/E teachers.  The library is a warm and safe environment where students can come to relax and enjoy a book.  Talking and socializing are allowed and encouraged, as long as it is done with respect.

In the Library:

New Books Section, Fiction Section, Non-fiction Section, Spanish Section, Easy Readers, Reference area with 10 student computers for research, catalog searches for AR Book titles, & AR quizzes.

Library Rules:

  • Backpacks are to be stored on shelves by the entrance door of the library.
  • No food, drinks, gum, or candy are allowed in the library.
  • Always enter the library with quiet voices and sit on a chair, on a couch, or on the floor.
  • Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time for 2 weeks.
  • When you choose to check out a book it becomes your responsibility.
  • We do not steal books, tear pages out of books, write in books, etc.
  • When a book is returned in a damaged condition it is your responsibility to REPLACE OR PAY FOR THE BOOK.
  • NEVER LOAN A BOOK OUT TO A FRIEND, it is still checked out in your name and the responsibility lies with you.
  • If you cannot pay the replacement cost of a book, you still must make arrangements with Ms. Smith. 
  • If a book becomes VERY overdue, a letter will be sent home to your parents.
  • At the end of the front counter is a “RETURN BOOKS HERE” sign.
  • Always return books by putting them in the return slot.  Please do not lay them on the counter or hand them to the person behind the counter.
  • When you are looking for books in the library, please do not re-shelf the book.  Either place the book in the book return slot or lay it on the shelf.
  • Please take the time to keep books in order when looking for one

Helpful Websites:

Pima County Library Website:
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Gently used books that are age-appropriate are greatly appreciated.