NCAA Agreement


If your child wishes to participate in an NCAA athletic program in college, there are specific rules and requirements designed by the NCAA that may differ from your high school graduation requirements including what types of nontraditional courses meet NCAA core-course requirements. Please take the time to research these NCAA requirements because they may affect your child’s eligibility for college. This information can be found at:

NOTE: In order to meet NCAA approval, courses must be taken in their entirety without pre or prescriptive testing. The Sahuarita Digital Pathways Academy only utilizes prescriptive testing with Credit Recovery courses.

After reviewing NCAA requirements, please indicate on your student enrollment form the appropriate choice below. 

❒  My child is NOT planning on being an NCAA athlete in college. They will be offered the chance to prescriptive test on Credit Recovery courses only.

❒  My child IS planning on being an NCAA athlete in college and will NOT be utilizing the pre-assessment feature. They will take all courses in their entirety. It is their responsibility to ensure that their classes meet NCAA requirements.